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  • Dorit Rabinovitch


I've always loved stories - and really do have a flair for the dramatic. That's why I, as an experienced portrait artist, took so easily to storyboard art. Exaggeration of expression and movement in every kind of person in every

kind of situation, as well as the pictorial unfolding of the plot, would come naturally to me. I started my storyboard career in 1999 when I got my first computer. With its help I was able to pivot artistically in any direction I wanted, and turn on a dime at the art director's request. Now with the help of a 27" Mac, as well as a computer tablet and stylus, I work quickly and cleanly. I have never missed a deadline. Many times the client lives in another state (or even in a different country) so most art directors work with me through email. I'm able to translate text direction into pictorial boards with very little misinterpretation. If there is any problem the client is only a phone call away. As the frames are completed I email or DropBox them in batches to the client. That way I'm able to reassure them that the work is being completed on schedule. I can also created animatics for my boards. My clients are producers, animators, book authors and art directors of commercials, videos and movies. They need my expertise and swiftness, while keeping the ability to pay attention to detail to illustrate their script on time according to their vision, and so help them on to their final phase.

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