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  • Dorit Rabinovitch


Updated: Feb 26, 2020

I first got seriously interested in digital animation about ten years ago. I started creating digital portrait paintings at the time to brand clients. A lightbulb went off in my head when I looked at emails devoid of a pictorial signature, let alone an animated one. Why not create a GIF from one of my client's portraits and add it to their email signature? How much extra power does branding like that lend to the artwork? This new adventure became endlessly fascinating, although I needed to limit my forays into short GIFS - anything more lengthy or complicated and I would have to work with a team. My preferred program is Adobe Animate, which is the next generation of the now defunct Flash. My originality was in creating the art with my painterly program, and then directly placing it on to the Animate "stage", thus manipulating it in all sorts of delightful ways! Although this method has limitations and does preclude using some of the Animate tools, my animations are as personal as a fingerprint; plus they provide an extra dimension to a lackluster signature.

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